Paris in the fall


Paris in fall

Autumn is always a beautiful season, and Paris in the season is even more special. In a blink of an eye, summer has gone and the season of yellow, and orange leaves is all over the street. The days of hot chocolate, wine festivals, and exhibitions have come!

Autumn is probably the most romantic season in Paris, and that's why many people, especially couples, visit and enjoy the city at the moment. Since it is not the peak season, not only you can save on travel costs but also experience real Paris without being packed with many tourists.

Here are 7 things to do this season in Paris that the O'bon Paris team especially loves. We also talk about the weather in Paris and give you styling advice accordingly, so hopefully, it will be helpful.



 Take a walk in a beautiful park

Paris park

Fabulous foliage is all over the city, but it is best to head to major Parisian parks to enjoy the real autumn ambiance. Amongst lovely parks in Paris, we recommend the must-see Tuileries Gardens and Luxembourg Park. Palais Royal's park and Monceau Park are also very charming and loved by locals even more than tourists. Every time going to a Parisian park, you can easily see people reading and chattering under the sunlight for hours. This very European ambiance would infuse you with a romantic and sentimental mood. Even for getting a glimpse of the Parisian lifestyle, a stroll in the park is the best thing.



Sit on the terrace and have sweet desserts

emily in paris cafe

In early autumn, meanwhile, the weather remains warm and sunny enough at times to enjoy lounging at one of the fantastic sidewalk terrace cafes in Paris. O'bon Paris team has many suggestions for cozy hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops. You can click here to learn more.



 Walk around the Seine River

River seine

One of the reasons why Paris is so beautiful in autumn must be the colorful leaves decorating everywhere in the city. So just take away a coffee and a croissant, and walk along the Seine River. You will make unforgettable memories that simply. After shopping and lunchtime in Latin or Marais districts, sightseeing with a takeaway coffee in your hand around the Seine River is the most gorgeous thing you can ever do. The movie-like views will unfold before you every 10 minutes.



Visiting Parisian museums, festivals, exhibitions

Paris museum

Autumn is also an ideal season to visit museums and special exhibitions. If you're lucky, you can get in for free on the first Sunday of the month, on the Nuit Blanche or White Night - an annual all-night arts festival (on the first Saturday of October), or European Heritage Days. Another festival in October you don't want to miss is held for the harvest season of grapes to make wine. The parade is the main part of the festival in which people from other regions of France, and from other countries of Europe join together.
These places will be less crowded in autumn than in summer, and you can enjoy a more relaxing visit, with locals. 



Going shopping in the best places

Paris shopping

Paris is the capital of fashion and is always the perfect place to go shopping. Many shopping centers, boutiques, outlets, and vintage stores can pleasure any shopping addict. If you are hesitating to choose a good shopping spot, you can find here our articles sorted by topic that may help you to plan more easily. This article also includes tips on how to enjoy the shopping benefits of VIPs on a small budget.




Paris whine

When you think of France, one of the first words that come to mind must be wine. Autumn in Paris is also a good time to enjoy it. Every October, the festival is held for the harvest season of grapes to make wine. The parade is the main part of the festival in which people from other regions of France, and from other countries of Europe join together. If you get hungry or thirsty, walk over to the Sacré-Coeur where local producers are selling French snacks, food, and wine. 
In November, the region of France, Beaujolais, celebrates the end of the harvest by electing a Wine of the year. From the third Thursday of November, you could easily find the year's new vintage wine at bars, restaurants, and cafes.



Relax with a spa at a Parisian beauty salon

Paris beauty

In autumn, the skin tends to become dry both on the face and on the body. If you don't take care of your dry skin in the fall, your skin will break easily and the signs of aging will come sooner. So, in the fall, Parisians go to spas or massage salons to get oil massages or intensive skin care. Check out our latest article on beauty salons frequented by delicate and picky Parisians. This beauty salon is located on the first basement level of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann, the perfect spot for tourists.
Friendly staff are offering high-end skin care services in English. If you are visiting Paris in the fall, this activity is not to be missed. 

If you're looking for a fall skincare product in Paris instead of a massage salon or spa, check out this article where you'll find the latest Parisian beauty care brands.


O'bon Paris' tip

Autumn weather in Paris 

Paris Autumn

Paris' autumn is characterized by fickle weather, which can be very cold and then suddenly hot. The temperature in autumn is not too cold, and sunny, but it is quite windy and rainy, especially in September. The average temperature is about 7 - 15 ° C. s


Parisian look in Autumn 


There are many rainy days in autumn, so a Barbour-style waxed Jacket or a quilted jacket is the most practical style. Don't forget to bring a small umbrella. It is also recommended to wear several layers of thin clothing to prepare for this kind of weather.  For example, wearing a thin, neutral-tone knit with a leather jacket, trench coat, or blazer. It is recommended to avoid overly thick coats or jumpers as they can be cumbersome. During this season, Parisians usually wear sneakers, low-heeled walkers, or flat shoes. It's hard to see people enjoying rain boots like in England.

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