Pink Mamma

The most Instagrammable restaurant in Montmartre

Montmartre is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Paris. If you look for information about Montmartre restaurants on social media, you will often see restaurants with stairs with many picture frames hanging on them. This restaurant that is emerging as a hot place in Montmartre is Pink Mamma!

Italian restaurant Pink Mamma can be easily found just a little way down the hill of Montmartre. The reason is that, just like the name suggests, the entire building is colored pink and catches people's attention. At first glance, this four-story building looks like a gallery or art museum.

Established by Big Mamma Group, a food service company, Pink Mamma can be said to be the origin of restaurants with fancy interiors that are often seen on Instagram these days. Pink Mamma has differentiated itself from other restaurants by showing that food is eaten with the eyes as well as the mouth.

Photos of Italian cuisine served on colorful plates and colorful interiors spread rapidly through social media, and now Pink Mamma has become a must-see hot place not only for Parisians but also for travelers from all over the world when visiting Montmartre.

​We have a stereotype that the food in a restaurant with a fancy exterior is tasteless, like the expression 'All that glitters is not gold'. Pink Mamma's pizza and pasta, where you can feel the local taste of Italy, broke our stereotypes.

After eating on the 0th floor, we went up to the 4th floor to see Pink Mamma's hot spot, which is often seen on Instagram. When we arrived on the 4th floor, we could immediately see why this place is Pink Mamma's hot spot.

It has a glass exterior and is decorated with various types of plants, so we could feel as if we were dining on a terrace.

On the other side, there is a staircase to go down, and the glass and the paintings hanging on the wall harmonize with each other, giving it an exotic atmosphere. As it is a hot spot for Pink Mamma, many people were waiting to take pictures, but the view was so pretty that the waiting time was well worth it.

Pink Mamma is a famous restaurant in Montmartre, so make sure to make a reservation several weeks in advance to dine in!

To make a reservation, go to the Pink Mamma website and click the 'Réserver' reservation button on the first screen. A window will appear where you can select the number of people and time. From there, you can fill in your reservation information and click Done to make your reservation.

Spend a good time with your lover or friends at Pink Mamma, which best captures Montmartre's sensibility.