Uriage skincare products review

our selection of top Uriage cosmetics

In this article, we introduce some of the best Uriage dermo-cosmetics that we have selected and tried for you.


Uriage, a healing thermal water

Uriage thermal water french

Uriage-les-Bains is a town in French Alps that is renowned for centuries for its unique Thermal Water. During the invasion of Gaul by the Romans (47 B.C), Romans troops discovered the water healing virtues and built the first thermal bath. The actual Thermal center exists for almost 200 years, is well renowned especially for dermatological treatments.

UriageThermal Water is unique: it travels through the heart of the French Alps, taking 75 years to pass through the rocks. Through its journey, the water becomes enriched with minerals and trace elements, which gives its unique protective, soothing and hydrating properties.

Uriage Dermatological Laboratories were created in 1992 to develop innovative dermo-cosmetic products using thermal water as a core ingredient (the water is collected at source to preserve its purity and natural riches). Since its creation, the brand is one of the most recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists in France, as well as in many countries in the world.


Our selection of best Uriage products

best Uriage products

Uriage develops new ranges and innovative products almost every year. We had to select just a few of them to avoid a long inventory, but we selected 7 iconic products, with different uses and benefits.



Uriage Thermal Water Spray

Knowing what we have just said about the properties of Uriage Thermal Water, you know now what made the water spray become an iconic product all around the world. The pure and natural water, without adding anything in it, is already of great use to hydrate, soothe and protect your skin. There are different formats, but the pocket 50ml is very convenient and can easily be carried all day in a bag or even a pocket.

Uriage Thermal Water spray

Thermal water sprays should be spritzed from about 15 CM away from your face. There are many ways to use your spray. It can be of course for hydration, it’s a great moisturizer especially In summertime or while traveling. The spray can also be used in a beauty routine, as a toner for example, or to set makeup. Whether you use it as a toner or a makeup setting spray, thermal water sprays should be lightly blotted with a tissue after about a minute. You can also use it to treat specific issues, such as irritated skin, or to protect your skin against the potential damage that free radicals cause.



Uriage Glow up Water essence

Essence d’eau éclat” is a must-have cosmetic for a perfect beauty routine. For the ones that are not familiar with this type of product, a quick reminder: Essence is a water-based skin care product that contains a high content of active ingredients to hydrate, protect, and boost the overall health of the skin. It is applied  after using a cleanser and toner to restore hydration to the skin cells) and before serums and moisturizers (to help the skin better absorb these products).

Uriage glow up essence eau éclat

The essence moisturizes and strengthens the cutaneous barrier (thanks to calcium, magnesium, and prebiotics). It also brightens and plumps the skin (with the action of silk tree extracts and High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid).

It can be applied morning and evening:  put a few drops of Essence in the palm of your hand, then your hands together and apply on your face starting from the center then outward to the cheeks. Its water texture instantly fuses with the skin without leaving an oily film, for an invigoratingly fresh sensation.



Uriage Moisturizing Lipstick

Uriage famous moisturizer lipsticj

Uriage lipstick is another iconic product around the work. Enriched with a nourishing blend of Borage Oil, shea butter, and Vitamins C and E it soothes, hydrates, and protects lips from daily environmental aggressors and free radicals damage. It regenerates dry, damaged, or chapped lips to leave them smooth, soft, and comfortable.



Uriage Bariesun SPF 50+

This very high protection cream is a best seller in French pharmacies during summertime. Designed to fit sensitive skin (non-comedogenic), it provides very high protection against both UVA and UVB. The cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and has a non-greasy finish, which makes it pleasant to use.

sunscreen Uriage bariesun spf 50+

Protecting your skin from the sun all year long is important not just to avoid sunburns, but also to prevent premature aging and skin cancer. Don’t forget to reapply frequently, and to avoid exposure during peak sun hours.



Bariederm, Cica-Cream

Bariederm cicacream Uriage

This repairing cream is particularly recommended for weakened and irritated skins, prone to atopy. It can for example be used when the skin is inflamed, following a dermo-cosmetic procedure. It contains copper-zinc to purify the skin. It can be used on the face and body, twice a day (on cleansed skin).



Uriage Tolederm control

Uriage tolederm control

This soothing care for sensitive/prone to allergy skins aims to immediately calm and provide long-lasting comfort to skin with sensations of irritation, tingling, heating, or tightness. It strengthens the skin barrier and is highly tolerated by allergic and intolerant skins, thanks to its minimalist formula based on 3 active ingredients.

It can be applied morning and evening to the face on cleansed and dried skin.



Uriage Water sleeping Mask

 Uriage night mask

Uriage "Masque d'eau nuit", in an ultra-light jellified textured night mask that particularly suits dehydrated skins. This Water Night Mask helps to rebuild the cutaneous barrier to maintain an optimal hydration rate. When you wake up in the morning, the skin texture is smoothed, fully moisturized, supple and soft with an ultra-fresh glow.

Apply it in the evening on a cleansed face, and let it act all night (you can rinse it off in the morning).


Author and photo : O'bon Paris team