Homemade Brunch with EATWITH



Category: Brunch in Paris

Address: Rue Garreau, 75018, Paris

Directions: Abbesses station on subway line 12.

Business hours: 11 am-1 pm 

Price:  30Euros



Parisian local, Sandrine, uses her home as a restaurant and serves brunch to visitors. Eatwith is a new dining experience which provides Airbnb style service. Diners can enjoy local cuisine at a local household and experience the local culture all at the same time. 


Sandrine's place is conveniently situated near Montmatre, which is worth a visit after the meal. She takes her cooking very seriously. Many of the ingredients that she use such as the meats, the jams and fruits like the mirabelle prune are sourced directly from local farmers.


Table setting is a very important part of a French meal, in which Sandrine puts a lot of attention to detail. If you have any allergies or dietary habits, you can tell Sandrine during the booking and she will prepare the brunch according to your preferences.


Before beginning the meal, Sandrine introduces the dishes served.


First up is the freshly baked homemade Banana bread. The rich banana texture and soft pillowy texture makes it very appetizing. 


Shown on this photo is a pre-tartare: a pumpkin, cabbage and egg bake. The sweet aroma of the cabbage perfectly blends with the soft texture of the pumpkim. The pre-tartare is paired with the plateau of cured and smoked salmom slices. 


On the kitchen counter are butter buns and four kinds of cheese for her guests to enjoy.


The cream paste on whole wheat bread is a scrumptious blend, which is perfecly accompanied by fresh diced fruit in yogurt.


In addition to beverages and juices on the table, tea and coffee are also prepared for the guests’ convenience.

This setting is a great place to share stories, laugh and enjoy spending time with the people around you.

It is a very pleasant experience to enjoy an authentic French brunch in charming Montmatre with new friends from all around the world. 




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Author and Photographer : 최지혜

Translations: Pierre Ieong