Lido de Paris

A glamorous cabaret show in Champs-Élysées

Lido de Paris

Lido de Paris is a legendary Parisian cabaret, located on the always pulsing Avenue des Champs-Élysées. This lively avenue is like a vitrine of the Paris we know from films, postcards of the 1930s and Fitzgerald's short stories: festive, abundant and glamorous. Lido de Paris is not just one of the facades in a row of fashion boutiques, it is a city legend and a historical pearl of Paris.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the famous Lido de Paris and describe its history to show what makes it so attractive for millions of tourists every year. At the end of the article, you can find a special promotional code to use while booking your show. 


A historical Parisian cabaret and one of the symbols of the nightlife of Paris

Even with all the vivid colors of the Champs-Élysées, it is impossible to miss this iconic cabaret. Its facade resembles a starry sky with large, iridescent letters in gold. As you enter a treasure box opens: a long hall with golden mosaics on the walls, luxurious crystal chandeliers, blue velvet carpets. There is more splendor with the recently renovated panoramic theater of 1100 seats. What a thrill!

Lido de Paris, a cabaret in Paris

It is no coincidence the lavish interior of this cabaret is reminiscent of Venice and takes its name from the sunny island of Lido in the lagoon of Venice - a favorite getaway spot for Parisians. From 1928, Lido was known as a public swimming pool with an underground artificial beach and musical performances. In 1946, the pool was turned into a cabaret theater and quickly gained popularity among the elite of Paris. Together with the Moulin Rouge, the Lido became one of the symbols of the indulgent nightlife of Paris.

Its founders, Joseph and Louis Clérico, showed exceptional entrepreneurial intuition and introduced the idea of ​​offering guests a multi-course dinner along with the show. This idea had immediate success and spread to cabaret venues around the world.

Cabaret Lido de Paris, France

Later in 1977, Lido changed its address and moved to its current beautiful building, a few blocks closer to the Arc de Triomphe.

Over the years, more than 30 spectacular shows have been created here, and the Lido keeps amazing its audience with the best stage technology. Édith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, Joséphine Baker, Dalida, Shirley MacLaine, and Elton John are among the celebrities who performed on the stage of Lido de Paris.


Delicious gastronomic dinner with live music

Cabaret Lido de Paris offers performances every evening at 9 and 11 PM, 365 days a year. The service in Lido is refined to perfection. Although there might be a queue at the entrance, you will not have to wait for too long. Then you will be asked to leave your outerwear in the wardrobe and lead to your place in a large hall shining with lights.

You can enjoy the show with a glass of champagne or wine or get the full evening experience: both a dinner and the show. We were privileged to try it ourselves, and it was an unforgettable pleasure.

Lido de Paris dinner show

We tried the signature dinner offer - Soirée Champs Elysées. We honestly had the impression of visiting a Michelin restaurant. The Lido has a kitchen of the same area as the entire theater hall!

Our dinner included an appetizer, the main course, and also a dessert by the French brand Lenôtre, as well as 0.5 liters of wine.

Lido de Paris, Dinner Menu

For the appetizer, we chose duck foie gras, the clafoutis of fig confit and pistachio chips. This traditional French entrée, with its creamy texture slowly melts in your mouth. The sweet and sour taste of ripe aromatic figs complements the taste (and color) palette of the dish and compensates for the greasy and buttery foie gras.

Among other options, there were fraicheur of shellfish and smoked haddock, gem lettuce, and sesame oil, as well as prawns with Espelette pepper, small spelled bulgur with lobster coulis. 

Cabaret Lido de Paris, offers dinner-show

For the main course, we ordered veal with purple mustard, polenta with dried fruit, and braised beetroot. The meat was tender and of the ideal cuisson, as if cooked by the best chef of Paris. All products are personally selected by the chef of Lido to ensure the finest quality and taste.

Dinner-show Cabaret Lido de Paris

To add some variety, we also decided to try fillets of duckling glazed with citrus honey and cabbage. We were delighted with the combination of tastes and quality of all the dishes. It was like visiting a famous gastronomic restaurant in Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

A vegetarian menu is also available. Menus for children under 12 are for free. By the way, even though Lido is a cabaret, the show can be viewed by children too (above 4), as it is intended to delight both the young and grown-ups. 

Lido de Paris, Dinner with Live Music

During dinner, musicians on the stage play famous French and international songs, creating a festive and relaxed atmosphere. You can go onto the stage to dance, sing along with the musicians. Also, you can go in the back to have a glimpse of the workings of the automatic piano and drums playing on their own.


Paris Merveilles Show - A Dazzling Revue

After dinner, the show begins. The current performance Paris Merveilles (“Miracles of Paris” in French) consists of different scenes from a story of a woman exploring and accepting her beauty and femininity. The Paris Merveilles revue, which has been on stage since 2015, is the 27th show in the history of the Lido.

The creator of the show is Franco Dragone, a world-famous Italian theater director. He is known for collaborating with Cirque du Soleil and staging shows for celebrities like Céline Dion. He created an unprecedented combination of theater, dance, and circus. Twenty years ago, Dragone organized his own creative company and, since then, has created more than 20 large-scale shows around the world. Nowadays, he is considered a prominent figure in the creative industry of shows and theater performances.

In the years before creating Paris Merveilles, Dragone thoroughly studied all the cabaret performances in the history of Lido to finally create this unique jewel - an immersive show with the major Parisian sights, dance, music, and even acrobatics. Inspired by the very first cabarets, he recreated the atmosphere of the Parisian burlesque.

Lido de Paris, best cabaret in Paris

For the first time in the history of Lido, the singer is at the center of the show. A warm, touching and mellow mezzo-soprano sings an ode to Paris, its women and men, their beauty, strength, and sensuality.

The design of 600 costumes, 250 pairs of shoes and 200 hats for this show was entrusted to the young and talented designer Nicolas Vaudelet. He previously worked with Jean-Paul Gaultier, Christian Lacroix, and Louis Vuitton, and he argues that creating costumes for such a show is the dream of any fashion designer. Luxurious feathers and sequins decorate the dresses - creating a feeling of splendor, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off.

Lido de Paris, acrobatics

Franco Dragone included many innovations to bring the show to a new aesthetic and technological level. Unlike the more classic cabaret Moulin Rouge, here you will see artistic scenes that go beyond the usuals of the revue genre. For instance, you will see one of the best sword-swallowers in the world, as well as solo air-acrobatics and French mime. At one point you will even see a scene with an actual fountain in the middle of the stage - a reference to Swan Lake. Aquatic stages are a "trademark" of Franco Dragone's artistic style.

The acrobatic duo called You and I is full of sensuality and strength, and will literally take your breath away. All artists are top-class professionals and wield their bodies like virtuosos.Lido de Paris, fountains

Five huge LED screens and animated projections produce an effect of unforgettable magic. You will see an infinite staircase and corridor, images of the streets of Paris, blooming flowers - immersing you in this majestic night.


The Bluebell Girls - symbols of female sensuality and sophistication

Of course, the main highlight of the show are the beautiful, glamourous cabaret dancers. They are called The Bluebell Girls since 1948 after the choreographer of the troupe and one of the greatest dancers of the era, Margaret Kelly. She was known as Miss Bluebell because of her very striking blue eyes. Bluebell performers are usually very tall and were all trained in classical dance. Unlike for the ballet in the Lido, their height was a major asset - because the Lido cabaret rules require a minimum height of 1.75m.

Lido de Paris, Can-can

Their slender bodies and extravagant, sensual costumes make the Bluebell Girls exude elegance and sex appeal. The 40 Bluebell Girls, as well as 12 Lido Boys, remain an essential part of the Lido's mythology. They are dancers who have made this cabaret a must-see for any connoisseur of Parisian nightlife. 

A cancan with pink feathers swirling over black velvet skirts performed by Bluebell Girls is a truly breathtaking moment.

The show in cabaret Lido de Paris

Cabaret is cabaret. This is a modern and glamorous cabaret show, and here you will still see half-naked bodies. Some eroticism is a natural part of the aesthetics of the cabaret, and nudity is never vulgar here. It demonstrates admiration for female beauty, strength, and supreme grace. The age limit in Lido de Paris confirms this fact, as children from 4 years old are allowed to attend the show.


O'bon Paris' Tip 

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The duration of the show is around two hours. Relax and get ready to be dazzled! 


 Author - Olga Andrianova

Photos - Phan Thanh Thuy, Olga Andrianova 


Lido de Paris

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