3 Ideal itineraries for a honeymoon in Paris

honeymoon in paris

Paris is considered a most popular honeymoon destination. Many newlyweds want to share their first start in this romantic city. So we would like to introduce you to the best honeymoon itineraries in Paris to spend the most perfect time. We have prepared a day's schedule from morning to evening for each of the three concepts of Romantic, Original & Surprising and Adventure, so we recommend that you choose to suit your taste or visit all of them if possible. There are also some tips prepared by Obon Paris, so we bet it will be the most perfect honeymoon in Paris.




If you're planning a honeymoon in Paris, We recommend that you fill the day with the most romantic moments. The fact that you are in the romantic city of Paris is enough to fall in love, but if you and your life partner are together on these moments, it will be left for an unforgettable moment. We will introduce the most perfect romantic itinerary with local tips.


1. Romantic and classic Parisian brunch

brunch - honeymoon in paris

First, let's start with a romantic brunch that you can enjoy in a classic atmosphere. Violetta et Alfredo has an interior that seems to date back to the 19th century in France and any woman can fall in love with. You can feel as if you have become a French aristocrat that you have only seen in the movie. The highlight of this place is the brunch menu course including unlimited drinks such as quality organic tea. If you start your schedule with a romantic meal that you haven't usually seen before, it's already half success of itinerary. Additionally, let's note that most restaurants in Paris have brunch only on Sundays, but you can enjoy it every day here. Learn more about Violetta and Alfredo .


Address:  30 Rue de Trevise, 75009, Paris
Transportation:  Metro line 7 Cadet station / Line 8, 9 Grands Boulevards station
Opening Hours:  Wed-Sat 10: 00-21: 00 / Sun 11: 00-19: 00 (Closed on Monday and Tuesday)
Tip:  There is a store where you can buy good quality of souvenirs five minutes' walk from the restaurant. From French luxury berets brand Laulhere to French luxury tableware brand Gien and Saint James' striped T-shirts, if you are interested, we recommend you bring a discount coupon of Obon Paris to visit.


2. Discovering Montmartre full of love by artists

honeymoon in paris

After a brunch meal, you can reach Montmartre, a landmark as much as known as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, in about 20 minutes on foot. At a glance after climbing Montmartre Hill, the panoramic view of Paris can be moved by anyone. It is recommended that couples sit side by side on Montmartre Hill listening to street musicians' music and enjoy the view of Paris. If you've enjoyed the view, enter the beautiful Sacré-Cœur right behind you. To enjoy the view of Paris from a higher place in Sacré-Coeur, you can go up to the cathedral. However, you have to go up 300 stairs, so you'd better prepare comfortable shoes. On the way down from Montmartre, the wall of love is a must-visit place. Let's promise love to each other in front of the wall with "I love you" written in more than 250 languages.Learn more about the Montmartre area .


3. Meet Paris' symbol, Eiffel Tower

honeymoon in paris

After getting off Montmartre, you can get to the Eiffel Tower in about 30 minutes by subway. We recommend getting off at Trocadero station and going to Palais de Chaillot rather than Tour Eiffel station. You can see the huge Eiffel Tower in front of you at a glance and it is also the best place to take photos, so we hope you will be able to take the couple's best cuts here. If you walk to near the Eiffel Tower, you will pass the Seine river, and on the bridge you will see a lock hung by those who promised love. At the Eiffel Tower, you can also climb the observatory. It's better to book a ticket within at least two months to avoid waiting for an hour to enter. Learn more about the Eiffel Tower .


Address: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris
Transportation: RER line C Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel station / Metro line 6, 9 Trocadero station / line 6 Bir-Hakeim station
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9:00 - 23: 00 / Summer until midnight in peak season


4. The Seine river cruise at beautiful sunset

seine river cruise - honeymoon in paris

The highlight of the romantic itinerary is the cruise Vedettes de Paris, which will add romance. If you go down the stairs to the Seine river below the Eiffel Tower, you will find the dock. The tip is to reserve tickets online in advance using the 20% discount coupon of Obon Paris. You can buy some snacks when you book a ticket or at the site, so make sure to buy it and drink champagne to create more romantic moment during an hour-long course. It starts at the Eiffel Tower and offers a wide range of attractions that must be visited in Paris, including Alexandre III Bridge, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum, and so on. It is most important to ride a cruise ship at sunset. The sunset of Paris is so beautiful that it will be a moment when you fall in love with each other again. In summer, the daytime in Paris is long, so you may have dinner at the restaurant first that we are going to introduce next. Learn more about Vedette de Paris.


Address:  Port de Suffren, 75007 Paris
Schedule:  March 10: 30-22: 00 / April, June, September, October 10: 30-23: 00 / May, July, August 10: 30-23: 30 / November, December 11: 15-21: 05


5. Dinner at the traditional French restaurant

dinner in paris

After getting off the cruise, we recommend the dinner at a traditional French food restaurant 'La Gauloise' 15 minutes 'walk from the Vedette de Paris' dock. The atmosphere is perfect place to experience traditional French meals. The view of the streets of Paris sitting in the restaurant gives you a picturesque feeling, allowing you to enjoy more romantic meal. The food is also great, and you can try authentic French cuisine such as foie gras, Onion soup, Coq au vin and so on. And the most important thing in every meal must be accompanied by carefully selected wine. We bet it will be a romantic honeymoon with the traditional French meal course and wine. There is a 10% discount coupon that you can use in the restaurant, so don't miss it. Learn more about La Gauloise.


Address: 59 Avenue de la Motte - Picquet 75015 Paris France 
Transportation: Metro line 6, 8, 10 La Motte-Piquet Grenelle station
Opening Hours: Everyday 12:00 - 23:00



Original & Surprising

If you travel to Paris for a honeymoon, you might want to have an original or surprising journey. When you search for something different from others, this 1-day itinerary would be perfect for you. Let's have a look!


1. Professional couple photo shooting

photo shooting in Paris

Taking photos during the honeymoon is one of the most important things to do, because the honeymoon is a big event in your life. Why don't you try a professional couple photo shooting to remember your honeymoon with fabulous pictures? BACH photography is a famous photo studio in Paris. They are professional experienced photographers especially for couples photos with Parisian landscapes such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Seine river, or a charming narrow street. Once you order them a shooting, your splendid memories with your partner are assured. In addition, 2 photographers from BACH who are a couple are super kind, so the shooting will be a very pleasant time. Check their works on their website below!


Website: Click here 
Tip: Minimum 1 hour, and the schedule is flexible. Feel free to ask them! They speak English, French, and Vietnamese.

2. Lunch during a luxurious city bus tour

Honeymoon - Bustronome, best dining bus tour in Paris

After a walk for photo shooting, you might be hungry. Let's start the most surprising lunchtime. Bustronome Paris is a classy restaurant on wheel that you can get on from the Arc de Triomphe. You can enjoy an authentic course menu and 360 ° panorama view of Paris from the bus at the same time. The journey starts from Arc de Triomphe and passes through most of touristic attractions such as Eiffel Tower, Alexander III Bridge, Garnier Opera, Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum, and so on. This ultimate luxury time will be perfect lunch for a couple during the honeymoon. Right in front of many touristic sites, you must not forget to take unique photos. It must be excited for you two. Get a 10% discount with O'bon Paris' promo code  while booking via the Bustronome website! Learn more about Bustronome.


Address: 2 avenue Kléber 75016 Paris
Opening Hours: Brunch - every Sunday 11:00 (1hour 45 minutes) / Lunch - daily 12:15, 12:45 (1hour 45 minutes) / Dinner - daily 19:45, 20:45 ( 2hour 45minutes) / Need to be seated 15 minutes before the departure
Website: Click here

3. Learn French art de vivre culture

Galeries Lafayette - Honeymoon in Paris

After charging energy, it's time to discover French culture. Galeries Lafayette is one of the most traditional and beautiful department stores in Paris. Of course, you can enjoy shopping, but also discovering secret activities. Galeries Lafayette holds several workshops that you can lively learn French culture such as Wine Tasting with a sommelier in the cave, Macaron Bakery class, French Cuisine cooking class with a chef from Ducrot, Original Fashion Show and so on. For a new life of two people, it's a good moment to try something new. These special experiences must strengthen the bond between you two. Let's begin Art de Vivre with your partner! You can book these activities with a 10% discount with the O'bon Paris promo code from here


Address: 35, 40, Boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris
Transportation: Metro line 7, 9 Chaussée d'Antin-La Fayette station / Metro line 3, 7, 8 Opéra station / Metro line 12 Trinité station / RER line A Auber station / RER line E Haussmann-St Lazare
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9: 30-20: 30 (Mon-Sat 8: 30-21: 30 in La Maison & Le Gourmet) / Sun 11: 00-20: 00 (Closed on 1st January , 1st May, and 25th December)


4. Walk on the most beautiful street in the world

Honeymoon - Champs Elysées

One of the most beautiful streets in the world, Avenue des Champs-Elysée is a vitrine of Paris that you know from movies. Let’s have the most special stroll experience in the splendid avenue with your soul mate while singing the famous song Aux Champs-Elysées! There are many high brand shops such as Louis Vitton, Gerlin Flagship shop, Dior which has been renovated last year, and so on. Also, fabulous French tea salons will attract you. You might fall in love with a beautiful pastry from Ladurée with gorgeous decoration, or unique flavored macarons or croissants from the café of L’occitan and Pierre Hermé collaborated store with photogenic modern interior. These are all must-try things in Paris. Do not forget to take photos of you two in a sophisticated mood which exists only in Paris.


Address: Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris
Tip: On every first Sunday of each month, the Avenue des Champs-Elysée is turned into a pedestrian precinct. The Avenue slopes up toward the Arc de Triomphe, so it's less tiring to start walking from the Arc de Triomphe.


5. Glamourous cabaret dinner

LIDO - Honeymoon in Paris

For the finale of an Original day in Paris, LIDO de Paris is the right place. LIDO is a glamorous Parisian cabaret located on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. You must feel the sparkling spirit of Parisian nightlife from the very fast step to the theater. The shining entrance in gold with a huge chandelier, the authentic course meal which is freshly cooked, a gorgeous show with professional dancers, dynamic staging, stylish costumes, every single detail is breathtaking. The time you spend there will be definitely an unforgettable night in your life. The enthusiasm that you get from LIDO must let you two talk about this night for long years. Although the cabaret show is with half-naked dancers, it is never vulgar in Lido but modern and artistic. This is why children over 4 years old are allowed to attend the show. With O'bon Paris' special codeOBONPARIS2020 , you can get a 15% discount while booking via Lido's official website . Learn more about Lido de Paris.


Address: 116 Av. Des Champs-Élysées, 75008 Paris
Transportation: Metro Line 1 George V Station / RER A Charles de Gaulle-Étoile station / Bus 73, Champs-Élysées Clémenceau station
Website: Click here
Tip:  As it is located on Avenue des Champs Elysées, fewer worries about security around Lido theater than other districts during the night. 




As the greatest star, Audrey Hepburn once said “Paris is always a good idea”, we'd like to extend this sentence to “France is always a good idea”. Especially for Mont Saint Michel and its bay which are registered on the list of the world heritage of UNESCO since 1979. From below, we will introduce an exciting journey to Mont Saint Michel.


1. Journey on a train and a horse-drawn carriage

how get to Mont saint michel, try a horse-drawn

How do you get to Mont Saint Michel? Of course there are group trips. However, you might want to spend more time just with you two because it's a honeymoon. There are 2 ways to reach Mont Saint-Michel from Paris: Take TGV from Paris Montparnasse to Rennes, then take a bus to Mont Saint Michel, or take TGV from Paris Saint- Lazare to Caen, then take TER to Pontorson. If you prefer a fabulous experience, we recommend the second way. Because you can go to Mont Saint Michel from Pontorson station by a horse-drawn carriage. What a pleasant surprise! Outside the Pontorson station, a live vintage "la Maringote" will take you to Mont-Saint Michel. Check the time table from here. and one way takes about 25 minutes. If you are in a hurry, there is also a shuttle bus for free. This horse-drawn carriage is the ideal way to discover Mont Saint Michel like the pilgrims in the middle age. Lulled by the sound of the clip-clop of hooves, enjoy the ride and indulge in the splendid view of Mont-Saint-Michel just like a fairy tale.

Price: From 48 euro for a train, 5-6 euro for a horse-drawn carriage. 
Tips: Due to safety reasons, the Abbey refuses a bag or suitcase bigger than 50 x55. 


2. Eat the famous Souffle Omelette 

Souffle Omelette, the mother chicken

You may have heard of the fluffy Souffler Omelette of La Mère Poulard in Mont Saint Michel. It takes 3 to 4 hours to get to Mont-Saint-Michel. So when you arrive, normally it will be already around noon. Also, La Mère Poulard restaurant is located at the entrance of the Mont Saint Michel island, so it's perfect to start your discovery from having lunch, then climb up to the Abbey. In 1888, Annette Poulard opened her inn “La Mère Poulard” in Mont Saint-Michel island to welcome the pilgrims. She served an omelet cooked with the fire of wood to them, and it became famous thanks to its unique texture and delicate egg flavor. Many celebrities came there to taste it, and it became one of the specialties of Mont Saint Michel. Each year, Auberge La Mère Poulard serves more than 75,000 orders. Discover an original cuisine experience!

Address: Grande Rue, 50170 Le Mont-Saint-Michel, FRANCE
Opening Hours: Everyday 7: 00-21: 00 
Price: Fish soup menu (appetizer) + Omelette, Side dishes + Dessert 48 euros / Omelette + Side dishes 38 euros.  


3. Discover the beautiful historical abbey

Mont Saint Michel abbey

After a savory discovering, it’s time for the main event. Let's go to visit the abbey! It takes at least 20-30 minutes on foot to reach the entrance of Abbey from the entrance of Mont Saint Michel island. You can amble along the road and take a look of the beautiful historic sites which have been well-preserved. The road to the abbey is sometimes steep, so you should wear comfortable shoes. Every year, the Mont Saint Michel abbey and its bay attract more than 3 million tourists from the world. A statue of Saint Michael on the top of the abbey church is in honor of the dignity of Archangel over the middle ages. Learn more about the history of Mont Saint Michel. Get a 10% discount to have a magnify journey at Mont-Saint-Michel by using O'bon Paris' coupon

Opening hours: 
Mont-Saint-Michel:  Everyday except January 1st, May 1st, and December 25th. Last entrance at 17:00 for May 2nd to August 31st; 18:00 for September 1st to April 30th. 
Abbey: Everyday 09:30-18:00 from September 1st to April 30th; 09:30-19:00 for May 2nd to August 31st. 

Admission fee: Abbey - Adult 11 euros / free entrance for under 18 years old or EU residents / European Visa holders from 18 to 25 years old.
Tips: Due to safety reasons, the Abbey refuse a bag or suitcase bigger than 50 x55. 


4. Feel the mysterious nature at the bay

Mont Saint Michel by night

In Mont Saint Michel, you can feel the mystery of nature through its bay. Accessible in summer and winter, crossing the bay at low tide is one of the must-try activities during a visit to Mont Saint-Michel. This adventure allows you to discover the extraordinary biological system of the bay. But please remember that you must go with an approved guide because it is extremely dangerous to walk alone into the bay. As the saying goes, the water rises at the speed of a galloping horse!

Besides crossing the bay, to watch the changing moment of the high tides and to enjoy the night view from the bridge are also breathtaking. At the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, you can see the spectacular scenery of the largest and most beautiful tides in France and in Europe. When night falls, it's another way to admire Mont-Saint-Michel illuminated from the footbridge. Don't forget your jacket even during summer. Holding hands across the catwalk, listening to the sound of the waves, and feel a magical, romantic moment.


Tips: You can reserve a tour guide here to venture into the bay. It is not possible to visit Mont-Saint-Michel after a high tide exceeded 12.75 meters. Check the time table from here .


5. Taste Normandy's unique cuisine

Normandy's style dishes

In Mont Saint Michel, the specialty is not only the Souffle Omelette but also the crepe. It is a famous dish in the Normandy area. It goes perfectly well with apple cider (alcoholic or not). As apple cider is a fresh taste, it matches well with any kind of meal. So apple cider is always a wise choice! Or the pre-salted lamb meat which is the sheep feeded with halophilic vegetation. You can taste a pre-salted lamb in several restaurants of the bay. Otherwise, seafood from Normandy's sea is also a great choice. This romantic dinner time under the stars might be an unforgettable memory. Enjoy the wonderful and historic atmosphere of this prestigious ancient city!


O'bon Paris' tip

Besides Mont Saint Michel, there are a lot of attractive touristic spots on the outskirts of Paris such as the Palace of Versaille, Giverney, Saint-Malo, and so on. From here , you can check other places to go for a one day trip from Paris. Have a beautiful honeymoon in Paris!


Photographs - O'bon Paris team

Author - Jisun, Ya Hui, Yuka